The market of organic products is further enlivened more with the operating of a new retail market stall. Now there are three retail market stalls of organic products where you can find fruits and vegetables of the season, canned products, beverages, etc. In addition to these retail market stalls, a new wholesale market for organic products begun to function in July 2003, and is situated in the area of food market.


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Photo from the "Univers" Trade Center, Tirana


            Each item is labelled with special etiquette where you can read:


1.            The certification with complementary notes

            2.            The name of the item



3.            The price of the item per kilogram


4.            The origin of food; the name and the address of the producing  


           A progressive increase of organic products’ sales has been noticed, but it can not be measured yet by percentage. 




Retail Market Units of ORGANIC PRODUCTS

          There are more than 12 organic farmers supplying the organic retail shops. The number of these organic farmers is             increasing satisfactorily.