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OAA celebrates the 10-year anniversary

More than 100 participants, members of Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) and other stakeholders of organic movement of Albania came together on 15th October 2007 at Tirana International hotel to celebrate the 10th anniversary of OAA...

The OAA is a group of experts who specialize in Agriculture and also farmers who prefer to grow organic crops without the use of chemical pesticides. We are happy to welcome anyone who has the same ambitions and will share our collective knowledge with all.


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The 10th anniversary of OAA

More than 100 participants, members of Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) and other stakeholders of organic movement of Albania came together on 15th October 2007 at Tirana International hotel to celebrate the 10th anniversary of OAA. The prefecture of Tirana Mr. Ruzhdi Keēi, also, joined the participants in the celebration.

The special thing of the event was that the wine and food was organic and fully supplied by OAA farmers themselves.


The annual general assembly of OAA


On 15th October 2007 was held the annual general assembly of OAA.

In this meeting OAA executive director, Mr. lavdosh Ferruni presented the report for 2006-2007. It was also presented the internal financial auditing report. The general assembly elected the new board. In the new board there are now: Dr. Zyhdi Pepa; Prof. Petraq Sotiri, Profesor Vjollca Ibro, Profesor Sokrat Jani, Dr. Liri Sila (organic farmer), Dr. Xhevahire Dulja, Mrs. Monika Spahivogli (organic retailer and chief editor of OAA magazine “Agriculture and Ecology”).


OAA participated in the workshops organized in Venezia on
12 & 13 September

In the framework of BIOADRIA projects’ activities (Interreg 3 programme), Organic Agriculture Association OAA participated in the workshops organized in Venezia on 12 & 13 September and in Trade Fair SANA 2007 in Bologna, (14- 16 September)Italy.

OAA participated on this fair with some certified organic products from Albanian producers, like “Shkalla” organic olive oil, ėinner of BIOL prize 2006, “Musaj” organic olive oil certified by ICEA, “Enisa” organic wine certified by OAA standards of Organic Agriculture. There were disseminated also some publications of OAA.  


OAA Press Conference 29 November 2006

OAA Press Conference 29 November 2006

Press release

 Tirane 29 november 2006- Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumers’ Protection has recently approved an action plan for development of organic agriculture in Albania, based also on the Albanian law for “Organic Production”.


Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) congratulates this initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and simultaneously presents its commitment for making it more functional.

So, OAA has a signed a memorandum of understanding with Italian consortium for certification ICEA (Institute for Certification and Environmental Ethics), well-known not only in EU, but also in US and many other countries worldwide.

ICEA in collaboration with OAA will provide to Albanian companies easier procedures and favorable costs for BIO international certification. It has been already provided bio certification for 2 Albanian companies respectively for organic olive oil and medicinal herbs and essential oils. The requests for bio-certification of some other companies are in submission.  Further OAA will be facilitated by ICEA in the process of inspection of local organic farms and cooperatives in order to provide independent inspection according to organic law of Albania. OAA has started the process of organic certification for local farms, based on its own standards, compatible with EU and IFOAM standards, since 2003. There are already more than 30 farmers and processors certified “organic”

OAA is worried that the Government, particularly Ministry of Environment is moving very slowly in formulation and approval of the law for GMOs. This is big dangerous, since Albania might becomes a country of application of dangerous GMOs either in experimental cultivation or food chain.

Due to the fact that Albania does not have a GMO law it is quite likely that Albanian market is contaminated by unapproved for consumption GMO rise, LL601, which is already evidenced in the markets of many countries worldwide. But meanwhile this illegal rice is removed or removing from the markets elsewhere, like in Greece recently, in Albania it is quite likely to be easily supplied such illegal rice or other GMOs, due to lack of any commitment from the Government.


OAA participates in the international fair Klik Expo Klik held in Tirana 25-30 November 2006.

OAA and ICEA shared a pavilion in the biggest and the most well-known international fair in Albania, which took place as usual from 25-30 November 2006.

This fair is visited by thousands of visitors. The pavilion of OAA and ICEA was very attractive not only from rich information provided, but also due to nice design of the pavilion, where was presented the rural profile of Albania in miniature. The organic products of local organic producers were presented in a broad range from fresh fruit and vegetables up too organic olive oil and wine.

There have been many people interested for this pavilion, starting from farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, organizations from Albania and foreigners interested for organic in Albania. The participation of OAA and ICEA in the fair got the attention of media. So, OAA organized a press conference where it was presented an important message for the present situation. This was transmitted by at least 4 TVs. The press release is put in the biggest environmental electronic network supported by REC (Regional Environmental Center)

This press release was also published

A differet way of promotion

Dance and eat healthy food to have a good life-this was the message transmitted by “Ballroom Nights 06” on 15-16 July of  2006 at the touristic complex “Mak Albania”.

Organic Agriculture Association attached its promotional activity on an appropriate event of summer time, in order to reach to a special audience: people on holiday and particularly young generation.  
About 100 dancer and more than 400 tourists enjoyed together with festive atmosphere and the taste of organic food. The dancing community created a joyful atmosphere for two days at the surroundings of the biggest tourist resort in Albania “Mak-Albania” on seaside at Mali i Robit in Durres. Children and beautiful young dancers kindly “embarrassed” the holidays of tourists. Under the high temperament of  Hip-Hop, a marvelous group of  girls gave the message “Go organic”. Meanwhile around the water pool associated by the golden orange  of sunset it was offered to the people the essence of Albanian wines, Albanian organic wine. Quite surprising was that it was served to all . dancers an organic lunch “made in Albania”. In the meantime it was offered to them some written information “why organic”. The most important was passionate chatting for the very taste food, which was labeled organic.

It was not the first time that OAA use such promotional forms, far from stamps. A synergy was created this time with the activity of “Geraldina Dance” and the “Union of Albanian Dance”.

It seems , this is just starting of a different way  of promotion,  the way the youth like.

(M. Spahivogli)


Organic Agriculture of Albania joins an artistik performance, Mali i Robit Durrės - July 2006


Wider approach for organic agriculture

During 10-11 July 2006 came again in Albania the well-know expert of organic agriculture Dr. Darko Znoar to give his lecture in an auditorium with experts of organic agriculture, this time from Durres city. This time on his working visit in Albania was present Mr. van der Bijlladrt, project manager of the regional project. “For a Sustainable Agriculture Development in South –East Countries”. The participation of women experts and actors in organic agriculture was another challenging aspect of this training.


Expert of Organic Agriculture from "Avalon" Foundation, Durrės - July 2006


For protection of genetic recourses of the country

In the country literature it is written that amongst 10 best ecotypes of goats is the black goat of Dukati. In an international source is mentioned that this ecotype is one of the 50 best ecotypes at world  scale. Fortunately this race of goat has survived in the accelerated process of erosion these last years in the country.  There are shepherds of the zone themselves interested to keep it, since they find into the black goat of Dukati the economic interest. This ecotype of goat well adopted in more than 2000 years on the ecosystem of Dukati region provides more than 100 liter of milk in the season and 1-2 kids per capita totally based on grazing.

More over the taste of the young goat meat of this region is quite distinguished and very much demanded. Actually in the region are accounted 3000 goats and at least there is not decreasing of the heads. Some passionate   shepherds like Viron Nela  and Sheme Xhelili have herds with more than 500 heads. Also the sheep of Dukati is an ecotype very well adopted with Mediterranean ecosystem of Dukati. It is with small body but very flexible on the rocky terrain of the zone.

On the desire to better recognize the special values of sheep and goats of the Dukati region, the Karaburuni Association supported by Organic Agriculture Association organized on 29 May 2006 in Dukat a zonal competition  for the black goat of Dukati and sheep of Dukati.

In competition participated 13 farmers. The Commission with experts from Tirana and the zone gave the first prices based on the scientific criteria.

It was shown great interest by the people of the community, especially children. The activity was transmitted on local media. The Karaburuni association confirms that is committed to protect the irreplaceable richness of the zone, hoping that has given a contribution on protection of genetic resources of the country. 


View from the regional competition of ruminants, Dukat - May 2006




22 APRIL 2006

 “I Contribute for protection of Earth”

On Earth day, 22 April 2006 Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) organised an excursion with around 100 students of Agriculture University of Tirana at the organic farm in Lanabregas, Dajti commune. 

A 4 hours programme not only gave a clear message to students, but also designed in this framework several activities for the future in the direction of further development of organic agriculture in the country, as a key approach for sustainable agriculture development. For all the participants was organised a lunch only with Albanian organic products, certified by OAA.

Than a feast with music and dancers were organised, where students themselves were part of the performance.

On the tee-shirts of students were written EARTH DAY and GO ORGANIC.

The whole activity was done with the support of the common project of OAA and Avalon Foundation, Netherlands, which aims sustainable agriculture development in the South East Europe.


Earth Day with the students of Agriculture University and with organic food, 22 April 2006


Ministry of Agriculture, Food  and Consumers’ Protection becomes actor in organic agriculture movement.

 After the approval of the law for organic agriculture in 2004 The Ministry of Agriculture plans a range of activities for a concrete support of organic agriculture in the country.

In this framework is also the important of the activity for a 10 days training for inspection and certification in Italy and in Albania a group of experts coming from Ministry itself and NGOs dealing with organic agriculture in the country. This training was held from 27 mars – 7 April 2006.

The trainers were selected from the biggest inspection and certification body in Italy, from ICEA. The activity is financed by the European Fund for Regional Development, Intereg III Italy-Albania.

Members of OAA participates in the training for the organic agriculture, Bari - April 2006



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